College Credits

Earn College Credits While Attending Walsh

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Hilbert CollegeThe first academic opportunity is an agreement with Hilbert College through their Dual Enrollment Program.   “Dual enrollment” means that the students will earn credit towards their high school diploma in addition to Hilbert College course credit that can be used towards a Hilbert College degree or transferred to any college or university degree program.  This program will be offered to junior and senior students enrolled in IB courses and provides our students with the opportunity to earn Hilbert Credit through courses offered right at their high school for a significantly lower cost.



The second academic opportunity is a similar program, “College Connections,” through Jamestown Community College and is free or low cost for Walsh students. This program allows students to earn concurrent high school and college credit by completing JCC courses taught in the high schools by highly qualified, JCC-trained and supported teachers.  Students who successfully complete College Connections courses earn SUNY JCC credit, which is verified by an official transcript.

The exciting thing about both of these programs is that our students do not need to take any additional classes beyond their IB studies; satisfactory completion of their IB coursework satisfies the requirements for college credit at both institutions.  Notably, we are able to offer these programs because of our stellar faculty. After review and selection processes from both colleges, our teachers were deemed qualified to bring these programs to Walsh. Details regarding specific courses and fees will be coming soon.


The third academic opportunity is that seniors attending Walsh will have the opportunity to participate in the New Vision-Health Professionsprogram from Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES. This is an elective program for high school seniors who plan to attend college and major in a health related field. The New Vision program explores opportunities in health professions. Students learn the theory component on the following: anatomy and physiology, health occupations, medical terminology, as well as select diseases, participation in government, economics, and English composition.

Students in the New Vision program observe health care professionals in Olean General Hospital or Jones Memorial Hospital and in the Olean or Allegany County community setting. Students rotate through almost all departments at Olean General Hospital or Jones Memorial Hospital and many doctor offices throughout Olean or Allegany County. A goal of the program is to expose students to as many health careers as possible.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive two credits in Health Occupation Education, one-half credit in Participation in Government, one-half credit in Economics, eight college credits for Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II, three college credits for Medical Terminology, and three college credits for English Composition II from Jamestown Community College.