Music Department

The music program at STCS/Walsh synthesizes the International Baccalaureate (IB) MYP and the National Standards for Music Education frameworks. STCS/Walsh develops musical creativity and musical independence through activities and experiences. 

Our students experience music as a mechanism of culture through an intensive examination of world music and music history. The students also connect with the musical traditions they are familiar with through creation and composition using both instruments and technology.

At an individual performer level, STCS/Walsh belongs to the Cattaraugus County Music Teachers Association, and STCS/Walsh students represent the school each year in county and state-level honors ensembles.

Visual Arts Department

Visual Arts at STCS/Walsh harmonizes the MYP and IB DP frameworks. It is a foundational course for students to gain a broad general background in the visual art experiences. The focus is on understanding, knowledge, appreciation and application of the fundamental visual art principles and elements.

Walsh students enter the IB MYP visual arts curriculum and transition into the DP visual arts program, culminating with a full visual portfolio and senior art project exhibition.