Why Walsh

Providing Students the Tools to Pave Their Path to Success

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At STCS/Walsh, we host a nurturing and safe environment where educators are committed to academic achievement as well as social success. Our purpose is to develop confident leaders and lifelong learners who will thrive throughout their lifetime. Each day, our dedicated teachers inspire a love of learning and ensure each student maximizes his or her potential.

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All dimensions of the school, including administration, faculty, students, and families, make every effort to bring to reality our principles.

What makes STCS/Walsh Different?

Individualized Learning

In addition to outstanding academics and small class sizes, Walsh elevates the learning experience by creating an environment which cultivates discovery, critical thinking, and personal growth. Through this individualized learning, students can Pave their Path to success.

Enrichment and remediation are offered to K-4 students by a dedicated AIS (Academic Intervention Services) teacher. That is a significant difference from other area school offerings where additional enrichment is not mandated.

Three (3) times per year, students in grades K-8 take the NWEA MAP tests. Teachers use the data to induvidualize the learning experience.

Academic Excellence

Year after year, Walsh/STCS International Baccalaureate students perform at superior levels in academics. This is achieved by Walsh teachers and educational experts collaborating on the best teaching practices, advanced curriculum, extracurricular programs, and engaging educational technology.

Vibrant, Safe, and Diverse Environment

Our diverse school provides a safe environment where all members of our community show respect and kindness to one another and protect and honor each other’s rights, dignity, and individual differences. Walsh students respect other cultures, religions, and traditions, and that respect for others benefits them throughout their lives. Diverse backgrounds include Asian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Hispanic, African American and European. Families consistently applaud the schools for welcoming students of faiths other than Catholic. Families who share their preferences range from Protestant, Christian, Native American, Hindu, Muslim and those who are unaffiliated with a named faith.

Extracurricular Opportunities

Students participate in a variety of after-school clubs and team sports. The small class size allows for a position or place for each student on every team as well as actual experience. Students report attempting a sport or activity they would not have tried in a school where their effort might be decried for lack of natural talent. Walsh creates an encouraging environment where students may explore new interests inside and outside the classroom.


of Walsh students graduate


attend college

the ONLY

International Baccalaureate Program within 100 miles of Olean, NY