Athletics at STCS/Walsh

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Athletics play a significant part in student life at STCS/Walsh. Whether as a participant or spectator, each student experiences a sense of pride, excitement, and accomplishment over our teams. Student athletes learn to face their problems, analyze their situations, and adjust accordingly. This allows STCS/Walsh student athletes to go out into the world with a sense of responsibility and a well-developed character.

While still upholding their academic rigor, students are encouraged to participate in Walsh athletics to develop self-confidence, to establish new relationships, to strengthen physical skills and to acquire a sense of teamwork. Several sports, including basketball, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and softball, are offered at three levels, Modified, Junior Varsity, and Varsity, give athletes of all ages and abilities an opportunity to showcase their talents. We are constantly exploring new sport experiences as well through teams, workshops, skills and drill camps, and clubs.

Our coaches are trained and dedicated individuals that have their sports pumping through their hearts! In collaboration with other coaches in our area, our athletes belong to a regional Interscholastic Athletic Conference and participate in competitions both near and far. Through the IAC, our students are able to participate with like-abled athletes that belong to both private and public schools and experience the similarities and differences these other students have to offer. 

Good luck and “Go Eagles!”