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Admissions FAQ

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To start the admissions process, contact the admissions office at (716) 372-8122 and request a tour. Plan to schedule a physical or virtual visit to the school, which typically involves a tour and an interview.

There is not a deadline, as Walsh/STCS uses rolling admissions. Enrollment can occur at any time throughout the school year once a student has gone through the admissions process.

65% of our families receive financial aid. We are so passionate about our ability to provide a superior education environment, that if you desire a Walsh/STCS education for your child(ren), our team will find a way to make Walsh/STCS possible given your financial situation.

Montessori is for children 3-5 years old, and they may enter Montessori as soon as they are 3 years old. Students can enter Kindergarten if they turn 5 by December 1 of that school year, or they can continue in Montessori for that year.
Absolutely. At Walsh/STCS, we provide a safe environment where all members of our community show respect and kindness to one another and protect and honor each other’s rights, dignity, and individual differences. The Walsh/STCS Student handbook contains sections on Student Behavior, including bullying, and the faculty is trained in helping students so they understand their role in issues/disputes and constructive issue resolutions.
Yes, Walsh/STCS allows for non-NY state residents to be admitted into the school and to receive financial aid. If you are a Catholic family, you will want to contact your local diocese or parish to see if they offer subsidies for families seeking a private Catholic education.
No. All students and families and all faith backgrounds should apply. Walsh/STCS is an inclusive and diverse environment and focuses on a values-based education. We invite and celebrate diversity.
Yes. Before a student can transfer, they must complete the admissions process and be accepted for admission.
Yes. Walsh/STCS requires uniforms for grades K – 12. Uniforms are available through Flynn & O’Hara and our onsite Uniform Room.