Walsh/STCS Announces Honor Roll Students for Third Marking Period 2022-23

OLEAN, NY – Southern Tier Catholic School and Archbishop Walsh Academy are excited to announce our honor roll students for the third marking period of the 2022-23 school year. The students named to last quarter’s honor roll lists most certainly embody the spirit and dedication required to succeed in the classroom today to lay a foundation for the most promising futures.

We’re so proud of the tradition of academic excellence at our private Catholic school. And we couldn’t be more proud of our students who work so hard each day to grow in the classroom – and as well-rounded global citizens.

The Walsh/STCS students who achieved outstanding marks last marking period were:

Southern Tier Catholic School 

High Honor Roll (95% and above) 

8th Grade: Niko Gonda 

6th Grade: Tianna Brantley, Liyah Derwick, Meghan Forney, Sofia Hatch, Caleb McAndrew, Aidan McCarty, Cole Morris, Charleigh Morton, Zoe Rickert, Rohan Swenson, Emily Warters, Jack West 

5th Grade: Finley Budd, Bianca Davies, Gracelynn Lutes, Benjamin Power, Adalynne Searles 

4th Grade: Meah Harjo, Annastasia Hundley, Calvin Milliman, Delanie Sturm 

3rd Grade: Vera Smith 

Honor Roll (90% – 94%) 

8th Grade: Lovella Kalyan, Liam Searles, Elisabeth Snyder 

7th Grade: Kurryn Glowacki, Gavin Kalyan 

6th Grade: Mahnex Harjo, Dylan Pyrkos 

4th Grade: Israella Armour, Chase Collins, Isaiah Croker, Sidney Gumtow, Ariella John 

3rd Grade: Elaina McCarty, Claire Neeson 

Merit Roll (85% – 89%) 

8th Grade: Olive Pincoski 

7th Grade: Hayden John, Aaron Thropp 

6th Grade: Orion Gabler 

5th Grade: Ireland Mae Kramer 

3rd Grade: Graysen Dunn, Delilah Phearsdorf, Eloise Power

Archbishop Walsh Academy 

High Honor Roll (95% and above) 

12th Grade: Parveen Saba, Samantha Soyke, Payton Howard 

11th Grade: Jon Przybyla, Aiden Smith, Sarin Saengtuangkit, Anh Tran 

10th Grade: Luca Quinn 

9th Grade: Grace Kwagalakwe, John Neeson, Alyssa Wilson 

Honor Roll (90% – 94%) 

12th Grade: Kai Przybyla, Jaimie Thompson 

10th Grade: Mychal Forney 

9th Grade: Alexander Dove 

Merit Roll (85% – 89%) 

12th Grade: Matthew Kramer 

10th Grade: Harutaro Kawata, Chloe Stanczykowski 

9th Grade: Talise Knoxsah