Giving Thanks for Our Community Donors & Supporters

Year after year, the conclusion of holidays reminds us of the importance of generosity. The importance of giving. So we would like to take this time (and this space) to give thanks for our community donors and supporters.

We see it every day in the communities our Archbishop Walsh/Southern Tier Catholic School families call home. And it’s not just how generosity benefits us as a private school. It’s how this generosity brings communities together in ways big and small. 

It’s the benefit to help pay a neighbor’s hospital bills. 

Or volunteers giving their time to read to kids.

Or a boot drive for cup holder change benefiting a local fire department.

Or community benefactors quietly writing checks with big numbers to keep longstanding institutions afloat.

Walsh/STCS Community Supporters Deserve Our Thanks

A few weeks into 2023, the sentiment is stronger than ever as we write to thank our donors and supporters for their immense generosity through the years. Time, talent, and treasure are all vital to carrying out the essential nature of our private school. 

As we know, private school in many cases is a valuable alternative in small communities that crave a voice in how our children are educated. We’re built to meet the specific needs of every child. A private Catholic education – or one simply promoting education honoring faith-based values – is important to many families. By reinforcing key values of peace, love and global citizenship, we encourage students to:

  • Embrace challenges with an open mind
  • Accept others with an open heart
  • And be part of something bigger than ourselves to create a more open world

Increasingly, this mission faces threats and challenges – many beyond our control. We have faith that the community will continue to see this value and trust our efforts to evolve alongside changing needs

Beyond the Numbers

We make a big deal of academic excellence here. Numbers like a 100% graduation rate and 94% of graduates that are college-bound are impressive. Students with great grades get accepted to great colleges – with a little boost from the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Programme. But all these realities are side-effects of all the little things that happen over the course of students’ time here at Walsh/STCS.

Little things like:

  • Volunteering when needed
  • Participating in extracurricular activities
  • Growing alongside tight-knit social groups
  • Exploring the world more deeply


We owe this to our unique small class sizes and focus on the individual student. Our philosophy is rooted in purposeful inquiry, discovery and personal growth. Walsh/STCS is small, and we intend to stay small to more meaningfully engage students.

Donations Big & Small Have the Greatest Impact

Archbishop Walsh/Southern Tier Catholic School is committed to using donations, grants and other gifts in the students’ best interests – whether through Academic Intervention Services, scholarships for families in need, maintaining our International Baccalaureate Programme as the only IB option within 50 miles, or simply fielding sports teams. 

All of this is made possible only through giving to the greater good. Our programs and school system cannot survive without our amazing community donors and supporters. Our children most of all remind us how priceless acts of charity can be.

To make a one-time or continuing tax-deductible donation, visit