Technology & Classrooms of the Future

We believe that preparing young people to meet the challenges of a highly technological world means providing them with superior technology tools and instruction. To that regard, the schools have committed to not only providing the very best in computers and smartboards, but also to changing how technology is utilized in the classrooms. This has been accomplished through the introduction of seven Classrooms of the Future and an comprehensive media lab and library.

The Classroom of the Future within the high school is a global learning lab that will facilitate teaching the IB Diploma curriculum including: the integration of technology into all aspects of the learning process, access to national and international online courses delivered through alternative accredited educational institutions, the ability to develop cooperative and investigative learning styles, and the ability to access limitless research information and digital learning tools and opportunities. The lab promotes cooperative and group-based learning, encouraging students to embrace technology into every aspect of the learning process to redefine the way in which the process is formulated.

Within the elementary and middle school - the Classrooms of the Future are geared towards the learning needs of kindergarten through eighth grade students. These classrooms promote and integrate technologies for creativity, critical thinking, and foster positive relationships that develop habits of mind for lifelong learning. The kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grade classrooms includes smartboard technology along with notebook computers that allow the teacher to facilitate center learning in an organized and intuitive manner. Teaching throughout the day involves the entire class in the learning experience and students have fun in the process.

The middle school classroom is a new design that includes smartboard technology, computers/laptops for all of the students, and a room design that promotes students working in both large and small groups for presentations as well as individual work stations. The set-up of the room has a collegiate seminar look as well as a separate research room within the larger classroom.

Through these initiatives, STCS and Walsh have not only met the challenges of a technological world but the schools have also paved a new path of learning that inspires students of all ages to learn proactively - as individuals and in teams.These are learning experiences that will benefit students throughout their academic careers and in the working world. 



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