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2020 STCS/Walsh Academic Awards Announced

by jpolicastro
Thu, Jun 18th 2020 01:00 pm

Each year the Academic Awards Ceremony is presented by the Archbishop Walsh National Honor Society.  Given the unique circumstances of this school year we were not able to hold our traditional awards ceremony but we still wanted to recognize the accomplishments of the STCS/Walsh students by presenting a modified slate of awards.  Academic data from the first three quarters of the school year along with teacher voting was used to determine award recipients (in the case of ties multiple recipients were selected).  Certificates will be mailed to all recipients in the near future.  We are proud of the hard work and dedication of all STCS/Walsh students throughout this unprecedented school year.  Congratulations to all!!!

IB Learner Profile - Principled:

Principled students are ones who act with integrity and honesty, with a strong sense of fairness, justice, and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups and communities.  They take responsibility for their own actions and the consequences that accompany them.

Kindergarten: Claire Neeson

Grade 1: Ariella John, Carter Keesler

Grade 2: Sehaj Singh

Grade 3: Aidan McCarty, Emily Warters

Grade 4: Hayden John, Sean Forney

Grade 5: John Neeson, Elisabeth Snyder

Grade 6: Madison Vinelli

Grade 7: Mychal Forney

Grade 8: Aiden Smith, Maria Rickert, Lilli Kettry

Grade 9: Samantha Soyke

Grade 10: Everett Swenson

Grade 11:Genevieve Smith

Grade 12: Marcus Esposito


IB Learner Profile - Risk Takers:

Risk Takers are those students who approach uncertainty with forethought and determination. They work independently and cooperatively to explore new ideas and innovative strategies. Risk Takers are resourceful and resilient in the face of challenges and change. 

Kindergarten: James Gies

Grade 1: Clinton Hill, Karlee Runser

Grade 2: Ben Power, Ben Power

Grade 3: Rohan Swenson, 

Grade 4: Sonia Belt, Charli Rae Hill

Grade 5: Braydon Burdsall, Kingston Snyder

Grade 6: Zachary Warters, Chris Forney 

Grade 7: Liam McClaughlin

Grade 8: Maria Rickert

Grade 9: Bobbi Kirkwood

Grade 10: Dominic Esposito

Grade 11: Xavier Laverty

Grade 12: Zaya Maybee


IB Learner Profile - Caring:

Caring students are those who show empathy, compassion and respect. They have a commitment to service and act to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world around them.

Kindergarten: Eloise Power, Delilah Phearsdorf

Grade 1: Israella Armour

Grade 2: Charlie Vinelli

Grade 3: Liyah Derwick, Taliah Snyder 

Grade 4: Aaron (Cruz) Thropp, Mali Przybyla

Grade 5: Juliana Smith

Grade 6: Alexander Dove

Grade 7: Stevie Kramer

Grade 8: Janay Patton

Grade 9: Payton howard

Grade 10: Abby Bailey

Grade 11: Teddan Shaw

Grade 12: Zaya Maybee


Outstanding Academic Achievement in grades kindergarten, 1 & 2:  (Select 2 Students)

Students in this category have reached standards that are the top two in their classes. This award is comparable to the Highest/2nd Highest GPA Awards being given for grades 3-12.

Kindergarten: Eliana McCarty, Claire Neeson

Grade 1: Carter Keesler, Karlee Runser

Grade 2: Jayla Redeye, Sehaj Singh


Highest GPA in Class:

Grade 3:  Emily Warters

Grade 4:  Sonia Belt

Grade 5:  John Neeson

Grade 6:  Madison Vinelli

Grade 7:  Mychal Forney                     

Grade 8:  Maria Rickert

Grade 9:  Samantha Soyke

Grade 10: Catherine Przybyla

Grade 11: Genevieve Smith

Grade 12: Marcus Esposito


2nd Highest GPA in Class

Grade 3: Caleb McAndrew

Grade 4: Rachael Dulmus

Grade 5: Elisabeth Snyder

Grade 6: Emerson Ortego

Grade 7: Stevie Kramer

Grade 8: Anna Sophia Widger

Grade 9: Jaimie Thompson

Grade 10: Noella Policastro

Grade 11: Max Garvin

Grade 12: Zaya Maybee


Class MVP Award:

Teachers were asked to honor one student in each grade who was a team player. Someone who is responsible, helpful, a good problem solver, and a good listener is a class MVP.

Kindergarten: Lucy Lasher

Grade 1: Delanie Sturm

Grade 2: Adalynne Searles

Grade 3: Caleb McAndrew

Grade 4: Rachael Dulmus

Grade 5: Alexandria Brockel

Grade 6: Noah Kiel

Grade 7: Mychal Forney

Grade 8: Anna Sophia Widger

Grade 9: Samantha Soyke, Greg Carl

Grade 10: Everett Swenson, Catherine Przybyla

Grade 11: Genevieve Smith

Grade 12: Marcus Esposito 


Independent Minded Award: Teachers were asked to honor one student in each grade level who demonstrates “out of the box” thinking.  This student is someone who shares a unique vision of the world around them and displays leadership qualities that positively impact the school.

Kindergarten: Ruby Murphey

Grade 1: Sarafina Murphey

Grade 2: Bianca Davies

Grade 3: Tianna Brantley

Grade 4: Kurryn Glowacki

Grade 5: Liam Searles

Grade 6: Alexander Dove, Noah Kiel

Grade 7: Chloe Stanczykowski

Grade 8: Rose Scordo, Anna Sophia Widger

Grade 9: Saba Parveen

Grade 10: Noella Policastro, Keely Policastro

Grade 11: Xavier Laverty

Grade 12: Marcus Esposito  


Honor Roll and/or High Honor Roll each of the first three marking periods (Grades 3-12):

These students were on the honor roll or high honor roll all 3 quarters.

Grade 3: Matthew Isch, Kevin Lasher, Rohan Swenson, Jack West, Tianna Brantley,

               Liyah Derwick, Meghan Forney, Caleb McAndrew, Aiden McCarty, Emily Warters

Grade 4: Sonia Belt, Rachael Dulmus

Grade 5: Liam Searles, John Neeson, Elisabeth Snyder

Grade 6: Sylvan Beneng, Alexander Dove, Grace Kwagalakwe, Madison Vinelli,

               Emerson Ortego

Grade 7: Mychal Forney

Grade 8: Rose Scordo, Maria Rickert, Anna Sophia Widger

Grade 9: Saba Parveen, Samantha Soyke, Jaimie Thompson

Grade 10: Abby Bailey, Dominic Esposito, Keely Policastro, Noella Policastro,

                 Catherine Przybyla, Everett Swenson

Grade 11: Max Garvin, Alenzi Meyer, Genevieve Smith

Grade 12: Marcus Esposito







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