Archbishop Walsh Military Wall of Honor

The Archbishop Walsh Military Wall of Honor now holds the names of alumni that have served their country.  We would like to continue to add names to the wall and are looking for information. 

If you know of someone that should be added, please contact Jessica Policastro at [email protected] or fill out a Wall of Honor Submission Form by clicking here.  To see a list of guidelines for submitting names, please click here.


Names currently on the wall:

Air Force




Coast Gaurd

SSGT David Burch '67 

SGT Robert Anastasia '67

COL Eugene Daniels Jr. '73

PO2 Donald Chesner '61


TSGT Joseph Carlson '77

CPT Joseph Bantelman '83

SGT Dawson Flinchbaugh '61

E4 Francis Davis '66


SSGT Timothy Cunningham '67

CWO Ralph Bigelow '67

SSGT Matthew Gattuso '77

BM3 James Dipietro '67


E3 Daniel Demarte '85

PFC Michael Crawford '67

SSGT Patrick Johnson '96

LT John Forness '65


SGT Joseph Halat '67

SGT Kevin Cruess '67

CAPT Richard Malone '69

1CL Robert Lyaski '64


Cadet Daniel Malone '67

SGT Thomas Demitrovic '65

CPL E-4 Thomas Occhuizzo '64

EO-3 William Stayer '66


SSGT Mary McFarland '68

SP4 Thomas Drum '67

CPL David Stephan '79

LI3 David Van Deusen '74


LTC James Metzler '67

SGT Gregory Eaton '67

CPL Raymond Haley '62

E-9 Philip Balcerzak '65


SGT Thomas Murrin '65

SGT Ivan Febo-Betancourt '67

  PO3 Frank DeFiore '73


MSGT Bruce Pauly '67

COL Leo Keenan III '67


CDR Mark Timme '78


CMSGT Michael Sinclair '67

LTC Karl Klonowski '68

  ABH3 Patrick Carey '69


SGT Stephen Piechota '68

COL Mark McGuire '73



SSGT Barbara Johnson '00

LTC Steven McGuire '77



MSGT LeRoy Cyr '79

CPT Michael McGuire '72



SGT Lynn Fonzi '79

SGT Daniel Moran '67



MSGT Victor LaBella '79

CPT Robert Murrin '63



MAJ Gary Occhuizzo '62

1LT Francis Spencer '67



SSGT David Padlo '82

CPL William Welch '67



MSGT Stanley Thompson '97

1LT Robert Worden '63



SSGT Thomas Victor '63

SGT John Matya '66



LTC Rodney McNeli '75

CPT Edward "Tyke" Miller, Jr. '62



SGT Richard Orsini '65

SP4 John Mountain '66



SGT Joseph Quigley '65

  SGT E-5 Robert Scripter '67




CPT Margaret Sear-Haebig '82




CPT Thomas Sear '90




SGT Charles Dunn '79




SPC5 J. Dennis Kamholtz




SGT Edward Thompson '70      

SSG Michael Wieloszynski '64


SP5 Gerald Fadlalla '61


SGT Wayne Bigelow '67


CPT Timothy Consedine '92


COL Jacob Dlugosz '91


CPT Daniel Keenan '93


SPC5 John Orsini '64





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