Land Acknowledgment:

We want to acknowledge that we gather as Southern Tier Catholic School and Archbishop Walsh Academy on the ancestral lands of the Seneca Nation, and as such, pay our respects to the land and the Indigenous communities who have stewarded it throughout generations. 


What is land acknowledgment?

Land acknowledgment is a statement that aims to recognize and respect the traditional custodians of a particular region or area, while simultaneously serving to strengthen relationships across cultures. It is a “simple, powerful way of showing respect and a step toward correcting the stories and practices that erase Indigenous people’s history and culture and toward inviting and honoring the truth.” (U.S. Dept. of Arts and Culture). We offer this acknowledgment appropriately at various events and presentations hosted by our school community. 


Why is this important? 

Acknowledgment is only a small piece of a larger goal of reconciliation and mutual respect. As part of our Franciscan heritage, we accept the responsibility to learn about, care for, and honor God’s creation, which includes the land and environment our school occupies. Similarly, part of our mission is to appreciate and regard the traditions of the diverse cultures that comprise our students and staff. 

We are both grateful for and proud of our relationship with the Seneca Nation, and we are honored to have so many of their students entrusted to our care. As an academic institution, we believe that truth and recognition are critical components to building connections across all barriers of heritage and difference. We offer land acknowledgment as part of our conscious and honest effort to educate students from diverse communities, as well as to affirm our commitment to learning how to be better stewards of the land we on which we reside. 


Additional Resources on Land Acknowledgment:

  1. U.S. Dept. of Arts and Culture: Honor Native Land

  2. Territories Map 

  3. Territory Acknowledgement FAQ

  4. CBC News: What is the significance of acknowledging the Indigenous land we stand on?




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