International Baccalaureate: At Least 6 Academic Benefits You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Any school tries to give students the tools to better themselves and build their future. But at Archbishop Walsh Academy, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme goes a step beyond with rigorous academics and cultural exploration that expand the mind – and launch more students to promising postsecondary and career pursuits than most other curricula.

Let’s check out how the International Baccalaureate Programme – used in 8th- through 12th-grade classrooms here at Walsh – stacks up against other educational opportunities available in both public and private school environments.

How Do Students Benefit from the International Baccalaureate Programme at Walsh?

The high-level academic intensity required of IB Programme students equips them with skills and emotional intelligence to succeed in some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world, as well as the 21st-century workplace. It’s a world-renowned academic program that teaches values and life lessons to develop sound judgment, respect of all individuals and cultures, and intellectual capacity to thrive in any endeavor

Here’s how:

1. Shared Humanity & Global Responsibility

The IB Programme develops internationally minded individuals who recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of our planet. These students will become peacemakers in their communities, their home countries, and the world.

2. Nurtured Curiosity

The curriculum sparks students’ natural curiosity. It teaches them to be inquisitive and to research and explore what inspires them. Students learn to thrive independently, but also to work collaboratively with others. Walsh graduates proudly become lifelong learners and often achieve great career success due to the ongoing pursuit of knowledge. 

3. Broadened Knowledge & Skill Sets

The International Baccalaureate Programme diploma track requires mastery in multiple primary and secondary subject areas including collegiate-level math, English language arts, science, history, foreign languages, and many more. It’s not just a purely academic focus, though, but rather an educational philosophy stressing the importance of lessons spanning all disciplines that can be gained inside and outside the classroom. Students also engage in local, national and global issues.

4. Critical & Creative Thinking

Education shouldn’t just teach rote memorization of facts, which in reality does little to improve the academic process. The IB Programme emphasizes critical and creative thinking skills to assess and solve complex problems. Success in life often requires thinking outside the box and critically assessing ourselves and others. Through IB, students take initiative in arriving at well-reasoned, ethical decisions.

5. Multicultural Appreciation

While Walsh was established as a private Catholic school, we pride ourselves on providing an all-inclusive environment. Students and teachers alike come from diverse cultural backgrounds and religions. We appreciate the cultures, personal histories, values and traditions of the entire Walsh family. We look at things from many points of view. Each student must complete a foreign language class – and be able to express themselves creatively and confidently in more than one language. 

6. Balanced Approach

We understand the importance of balance in students’ lives: intellectually, physically and emotionally. That balance is so important for their well-being. While the International Baccalaureate Programme promotes academic excellence expected at higher levels, we also understand students perform their best when they’re rested, refreshed and revitalized emotionally, as well as engaged in life skill-building clubs and interscholastic athletics.

The International Baccalaureate Programme at Walsh: By the Numbers

The IB Programme isn’t offered anywhere else within 50 miles of Olean, NY. And the benefits to our students are beyond obvious.

Just look at these stats:

  • International Baccalaureate students have significantly higher college acceptance rates of 43% to 157% compared to non-IB students at Ivy League universities like Harvard, Cornell, Princeton and Yale.
  • 21% to 140% higher rates than non-IB Students at selective universities like Boston University, Duke, University of Virginia and University of Miami.

And, of course, Archbishop Walsh Academy still enjoys a 100% graduation rate! In short, the International Baccalaureate develops lifelong learners who thrive and make a difference. We’d love for your learner to be part of this thriving academic and spiritual community. 

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