What Are Faith-Based Values In Education? (& Why Are They Important?)

Values. They’re important for any school setting — public or private. At Southern Tier Catholic School and Archbishop Walsh Academy, we teach faith-based values for students to lean upon and live out at school, at home, in their communities, wherever they may be.

Our goal is to create a nurturing and safe environment committed to academic achievement and social success. We develop confident leaders and lifelong learners who will thrive in their personal and career endeavors. 

Students need these values to get there.

Faith-Based Values Are Prized At Walsh/STCS

Walk into any classroom. Chat with our kids in the halls. You’ll see these faith-based values (and more) radiating through our private Catholic school.

But what are these values? And why are they important? Well, they’re vital for a “sustainable and just future” for EVERYONE. 


We must be caretakers of God’s creation. Be watchful of people, animals and the environment, for how we treat EVERYONE and EVERYTHING makes a literal world of a difference.


We must live in harmony with one another. Disagreements will happen, but don’t hold grudges. Forgive easily. Be peacemakers. 


We must do our part to preserve the Earth. Don’t be wasteful. Don’t destroy the world. God’s creation, seen in nature, is all around us. 


We must be fair in how we use resources. Nothing lasts forever, except the love of God. But we can certainly think beyond ourselves. 


We must show care to the less fortunate. We are all in different places in this life, and our students can be that example to someone else when the path is darkest. Be a light in someone’s life – and you’ll also be a light within your own.


We must do what we say. Our actions matter, as do our words. To go far in life, students must be honest, speaking truth in love.

Why Do Faith-Based Values Matter? 

Studies reveal “that Christian‐ethos schools can promote the autonomy of their students in matters of religion while also providing character education that enables them to choose well” in life. This helps to foster great qualities in our future generations. Also, this “demonstrates an appreciation of the value of the Christian tradition in character education and within schooling.” 

Values are the building blocks of good character.

At Archbishop Walsh Academy/Southern Tier Catholic School, faith-based values are all-encompassing. We emphasize these values and find common bonds across ALL faith traditions – as well as those who may not practice a particular faith. All are welcome and cherished for their individuality.

Each student who walks through our doors receives the individualized attention and collegiate-level preparation they need to learn and grow. Supplementing our curriculum with faith-based values builds better global citizens.

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