Curriculum Development to Meet All Students Needs

What happens in the classroom – in each classroom across an entire school – is a science. The curriculum must be purposeful and results-driven. At each grade level, it must understand the processes and philosophies behind learning for each student. But that begs a logical question: with so many different learning styles, how can curriculum development possibly meet ALL students’ needs?

Well, here at Walsh/STCS – a small, private Catholic school – some might think we have it easy with smaller class sizes. Regardless of class size, tailoring education to meet the developmental needs of all learners takes a focused commitment by all teachers.

It takes a commitment to the process, including attention to detail and willingness to adapt. Here’s what we strive for at Walsh/STCS.

Our Commitment to Curriculum Development That Truly Serves the Needs of Each Student

Walsh/STCS is committed to curriculum development that meets the needs of all students. From differentiated instruction to adapting for the 21st century, the faculty and staff at Walsh/STCS strive to create an educational experience that is challenging, engaging and inclusive.

Personalized Learning Plans

One way that Walsh/STCS develops curriculum to meet the needs of all students is through the use of personalized learning plans. Personalized learning plans are developed for each student based on their strengths, weaknesses and distinct learning styles. These plans are designed to nurture students toward academic goals while also addressing any areas needing support.

In this process, we use differentiated instruction, a teaching approach that recognizes that different students learn and perform, well, differently. This approach allows teachers to tailor their instruction to meet the individual needs of each student. For example, a teacher may use visual aids, hands-on activities or technology-based learning tools to help students who learn in distinct ways.

We like to begin this early. Our Montessori pre-K program channels this philosophy from students’ first experiences in a classroom environment. With self-directed activity, the kids are free to learn by play as they choose and to move at their own pace. The academic results when they reach higher grade levels are typically quite profound.

Regular Evaluations & Updates

To ensure that Walsh/STCS is meeting the needs of all students, the school regularly evaluates and updates its curriculum. This process involves a team of educators who review and revise the curriculum to ensure that it is aligned with state standards, our own faith-based educational standards, and the latest research in education. The team also considers feedback from students, parents and fellow teachers to identify areas where curriculum development could improve results.

Once the administrative team has identified improvement areas, they work to revise the curriculum. This might involve updating lesson plans, developing new materials, or creating new approaches to coursework altogether. The team takes great care to ensure that the curriculum is not only relevant and up-to-date, but also engaging and effective.

Incorporating Technology

Curriculum development here also prioritizes technology in the classroom. Catholic education has certainly evolved for the 21st century. In some cases, this may include the use of hybrid instruction, which combines in-person and technological teaching. It’s the best of both worlds, as students benefit from face-to-face interaction with teachers and peers while also participating in lessons with other students and teachers around the globe.

The pandemic taught the world that technology will play an even bigger role in professional environments – and much more quickly than previously thought. More than three-quarters of companies have shifted to a hybrid working model, with another 9% opting for full-time remote work. It’s our responsibility to prepare students to thrive in this “new normal,” which is destined to become even more tech-oriented.

Curriculum Development at Walsh/STCS is Committed to Evolving to Better Serve Each Student

Overall, Archbishop Walsh Academy/Southern Tier Catholic School is dedicated to developing curriculum that meets the needs of all students. From personalized learning plans to incorporating technology, our school’s commitment to innovation and excellence ensures students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for success in college and careers, as well as personal and spiritual life.

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