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News & Updates:

August 12, 2020

Please read this lengthy but very important memo for school operation details.  It still takes a village to raise a child!


Dear Parents, Students, Administrators, Faculty and Staff,

On Friday, August 7th, Governor Cuomo announced that he was approving schools, public and private, to reopen in September. Each school was given leeway to open according to their particular Reopening Safety Plan.  Therefore, Archbishop Walsh Academy and Southern Tier Catholic School will open Mondays through Fridays for full, in-class Montessori – Twelfth Grade (M-12) education effective on Tuesday, September 8th.

Contained in his message, the Governor also directed all schools to address the following additional requirements:

·         Post remote learning plans and testing/tracing plans online.  These plans are outlined in parts II. and III. below and are also posted to the school website.

·         Set dates for online discussion sessions with parents and the community by August 21st.  These sessions are offered to answer questions and provide clarifications about the Reopening Safety Plan including the details outlined in this memo.

Small schools like Archbishop Walsh and Southern Tier Catholic School are to conduct 3 such sessions. The school will conduct these sessions via Zoom on the following dates.  The Zoom logins and passcodes will be shared with parents and students by the end of this week on Friday, August 14th.

Ø  Monday, August 17th at 12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM

Ø  Tuesday, August 18th at 6:00 PM

·         Have at least one separate discussion with classroom teachers only. Teachers have already been consulted and asked to share their feedback. Another meeting will be scheduled on Thursday, August 20th at 3:15 PM via Zoom.  A link and password will be shared by Friday, August 14th. A third meeting will be held during eh August 31st – September 2nd professional development for all faculty and staff.

Also contained in this letter are pragmatic applications of the Reopening Safety Plan.


First, please note that upon arrival to school, students will be greeted by our new Lobby Monitors who will take each student’s temperature daily.  Students will also be required to complete a questionnaire every Monday.  For younger children, the Lobby Monitor or parents may complete this form for children at the front door.

Children must wear masks into the school building. Once they are inside and in an appropriately socially distanced setting, e.g. cafeteria, classroom, they may be instructed to remove their masks.  If they are more comfortable, students may elect to wear masks at any or all times.  If the 6’ social distance is not in effect in any setting, then students and faculty must wear masks. Faculty may also require students to wear masks even if the 6’ distance is in effect.

There will be 2 Lobby Monitors on duty from 7:00 AM – 8:13 AM, M-F, and one Monitor at the Lobby Desk all other periods of the day through 4:00 PM, M-F.  During good weather, lobby monitors will greet children on the front sidewalk to expedite their school entry. Parents, relatives and neighbors are asked to wait to leave the parking lot until the children are checked and admitted to school.  If there appears to be a health concern, parents or their surrogates will be asked to take the child or children back home before you leave the parking lot.

We ask all parents, relatives and friends who provide children with transportation to school to attempt to arrive as close to 7:50 AM, the first bell, as possible unless you wish your children to participate in the Breakfast Program which begins at 7:25 AM.  Still, the school opens at 7:00 AM and the lobby monitors begin their duties at 7:00 AM.

Second, the school front doors will be open at 7:00 AM and students will be supervised in an appropriately socially distanced setting either in Morning Care, gr. M-4, in the Cafeteria or by administrators who will be stationed in the hallways for Middle School, gr. 5-8 and High School, gr. 9-12, students.  Middle and high school students will report to their lockers and then wait outside their homeroom doors until their teachers arrive at 7:30 AM to let the students into their homerooms.  Each homeroom like every classroom will be arranged so that all seats are 6’ apart.

Third, students who arrive in time may participate in the Breakfast Program which will be held in the Cafeteria from 7:25 – 7:50 AM.

Fourth, first bell rings at 7:50 AM and the second bell by 8:00 AM.  Students must be in their homerooms by 8:00 AM for attendance, lunch count, prayer, Pledge to the Flag, and lunch menu.  M-4 students will be escorted to their homerooms/classrooms by the Morning Care Supervisor and one of the Lobby Monitors beginning at 7:50 AM. Teachers will be at their classrooms doors beginning at 7:30 AM.

Fifth, students who are late to school, i.e. after the second bell which rings at 8:00 AM, will be checked in at the lobby desk using the same temperature and questionnaire procedure and sent to the office for a pass to class.

Sixth, please keep children who are ill at home.  Err on the side of caution.

Seventh, adults visiting the building for any reason will have their temperatures taken and, if the adult requests further access to the building such as the Main Office, the adults will have to complete a questionnaire upon each entry and sign-in and out at the Lobby Desk.  All employees and volunteers will complete and sign this same questionnaire upon each entry.        

II.                  REMOTE LEARNING PLANS:

First, children whose parents elect to keep them home are expected to participate in their academic daily schedule by accessing their classes online in real time via the Google platform.

Second, once a family elects the online schooling option, the child must maintain that status for the remainder of the current Making Period. The 2020-21 school calendar contains the making period dates and the school calendar is posted on the school website at

Third, families must contact either Mr. DiMartino, Business Manager, at eric.dimartino or Mr. Lee Filbert, Assistant Principal, at [email protected] on or before Friday, August 28, 2020 to indicate if they elect to have their child or children participate via online lessons.


First, any child or adult with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be required to leave campus and report to their primary care physician.  Until the person is able to be transported home the person will be assigned to the Isolation Room.  The Snack Shack off the front lobby will be used as the Isolation Room.  The lobby monitor will supervise the isolation room.

Second, the primary care physician may require Covid-19 testing be conducted. At this point the Cattaraugus County Department of Health may become involved.

Third, any child or adult who exhibits symptoms of the virus will be sent to the Isolation Room and the parent or responsible party will be contacted.  According to the Center for Disease Control, the symptoms include fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea. The person with symptoms but not a temperature will be kept in the Isolation Room for observation.

Fourth, a person sent home may return to campus only if the primary care physician authorizes the return with a signed and dated printed or written note which must be submitted to the Main Office via the Lobby Monitor’s Desk.

Fifth, if there is a case of Covid-19 which has compromised our students, faculty and staff, the building will be closed for an immediate 24 hour period. The Cattaraugus County Health Department will be contacted and asked to advise the school. During the period of closure instruction will continue online via the Google platform.  Faculty and students will follow their real time schedule.

Sixth, since each grade level is its own cohort, the students, administrators, faculty and staff with whom that cohort or adult came into contact will be contacted about this case and advised to contact the appropriate primary care physician. The Cattaraugus County Health Department will also be provided with this list of contacts.

IV.                Lunch M-12 and Morning Break Gr. 5-12

First, Montessori lunches will be provided in the Montessori wing of the school building. Students will not travel to and from the Cafeteria.

Second, Elementary Classes, gr. K-4, will take the traditional first lunch from 11:05 – 11:40 AM.  Note that this time frame contains staggered arrival and dismissal times.  Elementary classes are escorted to and from the cafeteria and their special classes such as Art, Music and Physical Education by their grade level teachers.

Third, every day one Elementary School grade level will eat lunch in the classroom with their teacher per the schedule below.  Students will walk to the cafeteria to buy lunch but will not return their trays, plates and silverware.  Rather, the students will pile the trays, plates and silverware at their classroom door for cafeteria pickup.

·         Mondays: Kindergarten

·         Tuesday: First Grade

·         Wednesdays: Second Grade

·         Thursdays: Third Grade

·         Friday: Fourth Grade

Fourth, Middle, gr. 5-8, and High School, gr. 9-12, students will alternate weeks eating in the cafeteria during second lunch, 11:48 AM – 12:18 PM.  High School will have the first week, September 8th – 11th in the cafeteria and the middle school students will eat in their 6th period homerooms with their 6th period teachers.  Middle school students will walk to the cafeteria to purchase lunch but will not return their trays, plates and silverware to the cafeteria.  Instead, they will pile their trays and silverware at their classroom doors for cafeteria pickup.

The next week, the roles will be reversed and the High School students will eat in their 6th period classes with their teachers and the Middle School students will eat in the cafeteria.

Fifth, Middle and High School students have a Morning Break on Wednesdays and Thursdays during their block (double period) schedule.  This year Morning Break will be scheduled during the second block, 9:42 – 11:02 AM, and the cafeteria will deliver refreshments via cart to each of the classes being held during second block.  Students need not go to the cafeteria for morning break nor return any plates, trays or silverware to the cafeteria.  The cafeteria will facilitate classroom door pickup.

V.                  Dismissal Times, After School Supervision, After Care and Supervised Study

First, the regular school year dismissal time is 3:10 PM.  This year we have implemented a staggered dismissal schedule:

·         Montessori: 2:30 PM

·         Kindergarten: 2:35 PM

·         First Grade: 2:40 PM

·         Second Grade: 2:45 PM

·         Third Grade: 2:50 PM

·         Fourth Grade: 2:55 PM

·         Middle School, Gr. 5-8: 3:05 PM

·         High School, Gr. 9-12: 3:10 PM

Second, elementary school teachers will escort their children to the front sidewalk to meet their parents.  Parents will not be permitted into the lobby for after school pickup.

Should a parent arrive after the stated dismissal time, the elementary school teachers will supervise these children in After School Supervision who are waiting for pickup in the cafeteria through 3:10 PM. When a parent arrives the teacher will escort the child to the front sidewalk to meet the parent.

Third, should any elementary school students continue to wait for a ride after 3:10 PM one of the lobby monitors will provide After School Supervision in the cafeteria until 4:00 PM. This supervision is considered to be part of the standard tuition.

Fourth, elementary school students who wait for a ride after 4:00 PM will remain in After Care which is also held in the cafeteria. After Care is offered M-F from 4:00 – 5:30 PM and costs $10/student/day.

Fifth, Middle School students who must remain after the 3:10 PM dismissal will report to the Media Center for Supervised Study.  They will be released as their transportation arrives.  This is considered part of the regular school day and is paid for through the tuition.

Sixth, High School students who must remain after the 3:10 PM dismissal will report to the Eagles Nest Conference Room for Supervised Study.

Seventh, any High School or Middle School Student who remains on campus to participate in athletics or extracurricular activities will be supervised by their coaches or advisors.  Students who are not participating in athletics or extracurricular activities must exit the building no later than 4:00 PM and return home or another designation identified by the students’ parents.

Eighth, students will not be permitted to leave campus after the 3:10 PM dismissal only to return to campus for 4:00 PM athletics and/or extracurricular activities.  “Manko Passes” will not be issued this year or at least through the time that the pandemic remains.  Should a student leave the school campus after 3:10 PM he or she will not be permitted to return to school that day.

It is suggested that if your child needs refreshments to tide him or her over until dinner time, then parents may deliver food to the lobby monitor’s desk or you could request cafeteria service from our Chef, Mr. Sean Budd.  His contact email is [email protected].

Your time, effort and patience in reading through this missive are very much appreciated.  Together, we will be able to provide our children with a quality education in a safe learning environment.

Please plan to participate in one of the parent online conferences when we will answer any questions and provide further clarification.  The Zoom meeting links and passwords will be provided via email by Friday, August 14th.

In the meantime, please contact Mr. Lee Filbert, Assistant Principal, at [email protected] and/or Mr. Eric DiMartino, Business Manager, at [email protected] if you would like more information.  Thank you.

Pax et Bonum,

Thomas J. Manko

School President and Principal


July 16, 2020

School Update about School Opening, Safety Plan and Enrollment, and New High School College Credit Programs

Dear Parents and Students,

Archbishop Walsh Academy and Southern Tier Catholic School will be open for the 2020-21 school year.  The first day of school is Tuesday, September 8th!

Our preference is for in-class, in-person instruction.  We will know if this is possible when Governor Cuomo confirms private and public schools’ collective status on August 7th.  In the meantime, the School Safety Committee, co-chaired by Mr. Lee Filbert, Assistant Principal, and Mr. Eric DiMartino, Business Manager, is writing our Safety Plan which will be submitted to the New York State Department of Health on or before July 31, 2020.

Two other models are for a blend of in-class and online instruction or purely online instruction.  It may be necessary to toggle among models as health data may change over time and require different educational approaches which will be addressed in our Safety Plan.

If you would like to share your thoughts for our consideration about school safety procedures as they relate to social distancing for in-school instruction please contact Mr. Filbert at [email protected] and/or Mr. DiMartino, [email protected].

Our school’s size lends itself well to social distancing protocols. Therefore, in order to provide as optimal safety procedures as possible, we find that we must limit PK-12 enrollment for the 2020-21 school year to approximately 175 students. 

Enrollment for the new 2020-21 school year is going extremely well and classroom seats are at a premium. Preference is given to families whose children were enrolled at Archbishop Walsh and Southern Tier Catholic School during the 2019-20 school year and are returning to Archbishop Walsh and Southern Tier for the 2020-21 school year.  Then, upon meeting admissions standards, new students will be admitted on a first come basis. Inquiries about enrollment should be made to Ms. Mary Beth Garvin, Director of Admissions and Student Life, at [email protected].

Also, next year we will have 4 new exciting academic opportunities for our high school students. For more information about all four programs listed below, please contact:

The first academic opportunity is an agreement with Hilbert College through their Dual Enrollment Program.   “Dual enrollment” means that the students will earn credit towards their high school diploma in addition to Hilbert College course credit that can be used towards a Hilbert College degree or transferred to any college or university degree program.  This program will be offered to junior and senior students enrolled in IB courses and provides our students with the opportunity to earn Hilbert Credit through courses offered right at their high school for a significantly lower cost.

The second academic opportunity is a similar program, “College Connections,” through Jamestown Community College and is free or low cost for Walsh students. This program allows students to earn concurrent high school and college credit by completing JCC courses taught in the high schools by highly qualified, JCC-trained and supported teachers.  Students who successfully complete College Connections courses earn SUNY JCC credit, which is verified by an official transcript.

The exciting thing about both of these programs is that our students do not need to take any additional classes beyond their IB studies; satisfactory completion of their IB coursework satisfies the requirements for college credit at both institutions.  Notably, we are able to offer these programs because of our stellar faculty. After review and selection processes from both colleges, our teachers were deemed qualified to bring these programs to Walsh. Details regarding specific courses and fees will be coming soon.

The third academic opportunity is that seniors attending Walsh will have the opportunity to participate in the New Vision-Health Professions program from Cattaraugus-Allegany BOCES. This is an elective program for high school seniors who plan to attend college and major in a health related field. The New Vision program explores opportunities in health professions. Students learn the theory component on the following: anatomy and physiology, health occupations, medical terminology, as well as select diseases, participation in government, economics, and English composition.

Students in the New Vision program observe health care professionals in Olean General Hospital or Jones Memorial Hospital and in the Olean or Allegany County community setting. Students rotate through almost all departments at Olean General Hospital or Jones Memorial Hospital and many doctor offices throughout Olean or Allegany County. A goal of the program is to expose students to as many health careers as possible.

Upon successful completion of the program, students receive two credits in Health Occupation Education, one-half credit in Participation in Government, one-half credit in Economics, eight college credits for Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II, three college credits for Medical Terminology, and three college credits for English Composition II from Jamestown Community College. 

Finally, effective with the 2020-21 school year, the fourth academic opportunity is that Chemistry will be offered to our junior class.  A second year of Chemistry will be added for the senior year in 2021-22. Chemistry joins Biology and Earth Science as one of three science program choices for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme’s two-year science sequence. 

Please contact me if I may provide further information about any topics mentioned in this update or any topic about which you have an interest.

May you and your families enjoy the summer weather.

Please be safe and remember:

“Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle!”

Pax et Bonum,

Thomas J. Manko

School President and Principal

[email protected]




This is offered to all students 18 years and under. Pick up will be daily from 10am - 2pm. Please contact Cristy Ferry at [email protected],org to sign up.





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