Celebrating Catholic Schools Week at Archbishop Walsh/STCS

Happy Catholic Schools Week! Here at Walsh/STCS, we love this annual celebration of Catholic schools across the United States. The theme this week (Sunday, Jan. 29 – Saturday, Feb. 4) is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” We couldn’t think of a better theme to embody what we are as a faith-based institution and who we are as spiritual people.

Catholic Schools Week is a weeklong observance of the Catholic faith and its outstanding educational tradition. It allows students, faculty, staff, administrators and families to express their love for faith-based education and values. It’s fun, too! Members of the Walsh family – students and faculty alike – may show their spirit through dressing up for the week. (More on that in a second!) 

The Incredible Meaning Behind Catholic Schools Week

Catholic education achieves such great results for many reasons. It goes so much deeper than learning through religion alone. While we prize academic rigor, we also promote becoming kind, compassionate and enlightened global citizens. 

We aim for each student to become the best version of themselves – not the best version of what others want them to be! And with the teachings of Christ as our guide, we also learn to embrace those of other cultures and faith backgrounds. (So essentially, Catholic Schools Week isn’t just about being Catholic!)

We trust in God.

We care for one another.

We build meaningful relationships.

We grow in faith toward a brighter future.

We lead by example. 

How We’re Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

Each day this week, students can participate in the celebration by following the spirit week guidelines. Of course, this all leads up to our awesome Homecoming party and dance on Saturday! 

  • Monday – Color Wars Day – students can show off our school colors in cool and creative ways. 
  • Tuesday – No dress down and all school Mass at 1:30 p.m. 
  • Wednesday – Crazy Hair & Mismatched Socks Day – students can feel free to wear their hair crazy and wear goofy socks under their uniforms. Students may also dress for pajama day for just $2! 
  • Thursday – Matchy Matchy Day – students feeling like “twinning” can coordinate matching outfits with their fellow students. 
  • Friday – Spirit Day – students can wear their spirit-wear shirt with the rest of their uniforms on the last day of the celebration. Students can also fully dress down with their spirit-wear shirt for $2  

How Can You Celebrate Catholic Schools Week?

Walsh/STCS invites our families and communities to celebrate Catholic Schools week with us! We recommend activities to honor this year’s “Faith. Excellence. Service.” theme. You may find fulfillment in:

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As communities of faith, Catholic schools are intentionally directed to the growth of the whole person – in mind, body and spirit. Service is fundamental to Catholic education and the core of Catholic discipleship. It’s also at the core of the Walsh/STCS mission. We learn here to be part of something greater than ourselves.