The Social & Emotional Benefits of a Catholic Education

There’s just something about a Catholic education. Ask any of our alumni, for whom success in life and careers can be owed in part to schooling with faith-based values. They’ll tell you that for all the wonderful classroom lessons gained here, the social and emotional benefits of a Catholic education are just as important (if not more).

In ways students really can’t get anywhere else, private Catholic institutions like Archbishop Walsh Academy/Southern Tier Catholic School nurture the soul and teach global citizenship. The result? Morals and values that lay the foundation for abilities and pursuits that truly make a difference. 

How do we do this? Let’s dive deeper.

3 Ways Catholic Education Lays a Foundation for Success with Faith-Based Values

Attending a Catholic school prepares students for the bright future ahead of them. Of course, Catholic schools teach core subjects and stress academic rigor – in ways most public schools can’t achieve on a large scale. But there’s that other piece to the equation.

That important piece.

That piece of the puzzle that helps personal growth and lights the path forward. It’s these social and emotional benefits from faith-based learning that creates truly well-rounded individuals. Here’s how:  

1. Positive Sense of Community 

Private Catholic schools are a community within themselves – working in turn to serve the places they call home. 

Catholic schools, like ours, expand outside the normal “school hours” and create bonding opportunities for students, families and staff alike. There are so many activities that allow us to build a community that works toward the greater good. Lifelong friends are brought together through school sports, arts, clubs and even some fun fundraisers! Students feel supported through their academics and everyday lives. 

It’s also important for students to feel safe at school, so they can focus more on the important things: schoolwork, friendship and growing as individuals. Likewise, parents/guardians must feel comfortable sending their child to school everyday and knowing they’re in good hands. Studies show students in private schools largely avoid confrontation, physical violence and racial tension.

2. Acts of Service 

Most Catholic schools require students to participate in a set number of community service hours. It’s vital to the development of a child’s values and worldview. Volunteering gives back and supports people who need help most. It teaches teamwork, communication and responsibility for the well-being of others. Students, individually and collectively, feel better and more confident about themselves, simply knowing they’re doing the right thing. 

Here in our quiet, rural community of Olean, NY, volunteer opportunities may include:

  • Handing out meals at a local soup kitchen
  • Assisting a winter coat drive
  • Reading to young children
  • Participating in activities at a local nursing home
  • Serving an annual school fundraiser
  • & so much more

Students must see for themselves how many people are in need in this world. It allows them to play a role in building up the people around them. This spirit of giving often lasts long after graduation.  

3. Small Classes, Big Picture 

Small class sizes have a BIG impact on a student’s learning and development. They benefit from more attention given to their personal academic needs – individualized learning.

They may focus better in smaller classrooms with fewer distractions. (We have a 15:1 student-to-teacher ratio here, and many of our classes even have 10 or fewer students.) Students receive more hands-on learning and smaller group lessons. This environment gives students ample opportunities to engage more in the classroom. 

Fun fact: SAT scores tend to be higher from private Catholic school students. For the 94% of our graduates who attend college, this is a BIG BOOST! 

Catholic Education: The Perfect Foundation for Social & Emotional Success

Attending Catholic school not only meets students’ needs academically, but also prepares them with confidence-building values like leadership and service. These social and emotional benefits of Catholic education can be seen for the rest of their lives. 

At all age levels, our students get opportunities to learn faith-based values through volunteering, classroom learning and community events at school. At Walsh/STCS, it’s our mission to give students everything they need to grow and succeed in life, as students AND as compassionate citizens.

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