Archbishop Walsh Academy Inducts 3 Into National Honor Society

Archbishop Walsh Academy is proud to announce the recent induction of three exemplary students to the National Honor Society. 

The three new inductees this year were:

  • Kai Przybyla (senior)
  • Mychal Forney (sophomore)
  • Luca Quinn (sophomore)

NHS members must maintain a 90% GPA over the past two full years of school, including the first two quarters of the current school year. Attendance and community service also play a big role in membership. Students must be in 10th, 11th or 12th grade to be eligible. 

We’re so proud of ALL of our wonderful students, and especially those who go above and beyond to achieve outstanding grades while striving to become well-rounded, enlightened global citizens. Walsh’s standards of excellence and academic rigor have spanned the decades, and our National Honor Society students are a testament to that tradition of achievement.

Other Walsh students who are current members of NHS are: Payton Howard (senior), Samantha Soyke (senior), Jaimie Thompson (senior), Joseph Harasta (senior), Saba Parveen (senior), Aiden Smith (junior), and Jon Przybyla (junior). 

What Does It Take to Become an NHS Member?

Induction into the National Honor Society (NHS) requires a high level of intelligence, drive and perseverance. The selection process is highly competitive and identifies students who have not only excelled academically, but have also demonstrated strong leadership skills, community service and good character. 

To meet the rigorous requirements, students need to have a deep understanding of course material and be able to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to complex challenges. They must be highly motivated and dedicated to their studies, consistently putting in the effort to achieve their academic goals. 

Archbishop Walsh Academy is Committed to Academic Excellence

Knowledge and skills, learned here in this small, close-knit Walsh community, have historically landed our graduates at the top colleges and universities in the country. We’re proud of our 100% graduation rate, of which 94% are college-bound. 

We are a small private Catholic school located in the beautiful Enchanted Mountains of southwestern New York. Here at Archbishop Walsh Academy, we prize academic excellence and a well-rounded experience that looks outstanding in college applications. In addition to teachers and administrators who work tirelessly to help students succeed, we have college counselors who guide the application process to emphasize factors top colleges and universities weigh most heavily.

Is college a top priority for your student? Come visit us and let’s plan for a bright future.