Mission of Southern Tier Catholic School

Southern Tier Catholic School is a Roman Catholic institution with Catholic Doctrine as the base of its curriculum. Its mission is to provide a high quality of education in this tradition. Southern Tier Catholic School stresses Catholic Values and Christian Community as a lived experience.

In light of this priority, all dimensions of the school (administration, faculty, students and families) make every effort to bring to reality the following:

  1. A deep reverence for the unique giftedness of each person.
  2. An appreciation of the traditions of all ethnic cultures with an expectation of mutual respect.
  3. An environment that provides character development and responsible citizenship.
  4. A policy of effective social action which is intended to bring about peace and justice in the larger community.
  5. A place of stability in a challenging world.

Mission of Archbishop Walsh Academy

Archbishop Walsh is a high school that, in the Franciscan tradition, inspires students to achieve their full potential in spiritual, academic and athletic growth.


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